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My Modern Podcast #10 - deepdream

My Modern Podcast #10 - deepdream

Mix by deepdream (Roberto Carlos Morón)

Artwork by Gaskotein


01 Kerridge - Chant
02 Function - Psychic Warfare (Vatican Shadow Remix)
03 Ø [Phase] - Dirtro II (Robert Hood's Redeemed Mix)
04 J.C. - Untitled
05 Arnaud le Texier - Equanimity (Zadig Remix)
06 Tadeo - They So
07 Planetary Assault Systems - Riot In Silo 12
08 Bas Mooy - Ann Meth
09 Subjected - Nastes
10 Bas Mooy - King of Echo Echo (Ascion & D. Carbone Remix)
11 Xhin - Else
12 Mass-X-Odus - Gang Wars
13 Ricardo Garduno - Panic
14 Function - Semantics
15 NX1 - RL1
16 Developer - Hold It Down
17 AnD - Free At Last
18 Sawlin & Subjected - Texture 1.2
19 Voices From The Lake - Respiro Live Edit
20 James Ruskin - Wisdom Of Youth

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bloc Podcast Series 01 | Samuli Kemppi

Welcome to the first session of BLOC PODCAST SERIES.
For the first session, we receive as guest : Samuli Kemppi.
Helsinki based Dj/Producer, radio host and the driving force behind Deep Space Helsinki. Enjoy !
Listen all the shows on BLOC Podcast Series here : @blocparis
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 Tracklist :
1. Dars - All Is Tainted | Balans
2. Max M - A | M_Rec Ltd 1001
3. Markus Suckut - Mask | SCKT
4. DJ Deep - La Défense 92 | DRHC
5. Adriana Lopez - Incidie | Grey Report
6. Jeff Rushin - Infiltrate | On Records
7. Truncate - Reflex V2 | Truncate
8. Markus Suckut - Lethal (Albert Van Abbe remix) | SCKT
9. Samuli Kemppi - Resonant Object | Children Of Tomorrow
10. Antigone - The Fugitive | Construct Re-Form
11. Alien Rain - Alienated | Alien Rain
12. Arcing Seas - Ophidian | Our Circula Sound
13. Oscar Mulero - Electric Storm | Pole Group
14. Conrad Van Orton - The Day Before | 030 002D
15. Deaxmade - Exodus | Granulart Recordings
16. Eric Fetcher - Shifted Polarity | LCR
17. Sleeparchive - 8 | Tresor
18. Recondite - Nadsat | Dystopian

Thursday, December 26, 2013

[SKUDGE FD 01] Skudge - Surface / Inversion - FREE DOWNLOAD

Skudge - Surface / Inversion
Label: Skudge Records - SKUDGE FD 01
Released: 26 Dec 2013

"Free downloads!
This is two unreleased tracks we made a couple of years ago.
Hope you enjoy!"

1. Surface
2. Inversion

Sunday, December 22, 2013

SNTWN Podcast 054 - Chevel - 12/2013

SNTWN Podcast 054 - Chevel - 12/2013

Italian techno scene moves without cheating in the European electronic landscape. We include, without limitation, Donato Dozzy, The Analogue Cops, Emanuele Pertoldi or Hydergine.
Stroboscopic Artefacts on notice, author of the first installment of the series must Monad, Chevel are laying the foundation of a cavernous and completely hypnotic sound that also grow on the Spanish label "No Series". Founder of the label Enklav, it is also the source of "Monday Night" project oriented strangely deep house. Require meticulous, we feel that the Italian puts his brain in the service of productions with a unique atmosphere. So sharp sound aesthetic that boggle the common music lovers on uncharted planets.
Judge for yourself in this podcast. Forbidden pleasures, jerky rhythms, dark universe and crackles in the program!

Tracklist :

Joe – Slope (Hessle Audio)
Basic Soul Unit – Untoward (Nonplus)
Healing Force Project – Average Perigee (Eerie)
Chevel – Entanglement (Non Series)
Chevel & Alex Picone – Dad (unreleased)
Pearson Sound – Power Drumsss (Hessle Audio)
Objekt – Shuttered (Bleep Green Series)
Boddika – Heat (Swamp 81)
Objekt – Fishbone (Objekt)
Actress – Lost (Honest Jon’s)
Jeremiah R – Infinite Skies (Enklav)
Autechre – Altibzz (Warp)

K1971 Podcast - Mary Velo

K1971 Podcast - Mary Velo

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Mary Velo got involved in music at an early age. It wasn’t till the 80’s where she discovered Depeche Mode and got attracted to deep & moody sounds. In 2007, Mary Velo moved to Berlin where she got strongly influenced in the Deep House & Techno scene.
Produced with an edgy and catchy sound, Mary Velo’s tracks prove that she takes risks and pushes boundaries. Coming from a background of various music genres, her sound is usually unique and deep.
Her latest release “Manhattan Project EP” which features a remix by Silent Servant was released in Aug 2013 on Frozen Border. This was her 2nd release on Frozen Border following up her hit track “Detune” from the “Minutes In Ice” compilation which also featured Blawan, AnD, & Dj Skirt. Detune was also featured in Sandwell District’s Fabric 69 mix on Fabric’s label. With a creditable discography which also includes releases on labels such as Semantica, Gynoid Audio & Coincidence, she has proven that hard work gets you somewhere.
Her releases have gotten rave reviews from sites & magazines such as Resident Advisor, Groove, Fabric, FACT, Little White Earbuds, De:Bug, Juno, & Boomkat. Her tracks have also been played & charted by Silent Servant, Function, James Ruskin, Ben Sims, Rebekah, Brendon Moeller, Edit Select, Dominik Eulberg, Toby Tobias & ROD, which has brought Mary Velo to the list of new upcoming techno talents.
Mary Velo has DJ’d across Europe in highly respected events & clubs including Tomorrowland 2013, Tresor, Berghain Kantine, Arena Club (Berlin, DE) and Nouveau Casino (Paris, FR). Currently, she is taking bookings for DJ & Live sets.

1. Nightbus – Chevel [Non Series]
2. Distracted – Ø [Phase] [Token]
3. Deceive Perform – Peter Van Hoesen [Tresor]
4. Subtext – Ø [Phase] [Token]
5. Casual Condition – Peter Van Hoesen [Tresor]
6. Tide (Exium Remix) – Pfirter [MindTrip]
7. Manhattan Project – Mary Velo [Frozen Border]
8. Sanction – Hans Bouffmyhre [Sleaze]
9.  Maniac – Len Faki & Johannes Heil [Figure]
10. Oblak – Nihad Tule [Sloboda]
11. Osoba – Nihad Tule & Thomas Andersen [NTTA11]
12. Corridor – Marcel Dettmann [Ostgut Ton]
13. Fabryka (Mary Velo remix) – Advanced Human [Gynoid Audio]
14. Consumption – Henning Baer [nwhite]
15. Eternal Dreamer – Aiken [Chronicle]
16. Rocky – Tin Man [Pomelo]
17. A1 – UnCUT [LIMITED.G.]


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Deep Space Helsinki - 10th December 2013

10th December 2013 episode with Juho Kusti

1. paul mitchell - black - tabernacle
2. juho kahilainen - xemx - mrec ltd grey series
3. terrence dixon - the mission - surface records
4. volster - st005 - evasion room
5. pev & asusu - surge - livity sound
6. arcing seas - gauntlet - our circula sound
7. atom tm & tobias - physik 44a - ostgut ton
8. #. - b2 - horizontal ground
9. oscar mulero - second layer - polegroup recordings
10. adrian rodd - since 1990 (jonas kopp remix) - vibe me
11. dvs1 - strobe - polegroup recordings
12. jonas kopp - white loft - arts
13. mosca - it's not what it looks like - ann aimee
14. phase - the bwiti initiate - token
15. stefano intrusino - spherical system (echologist dub) - inst theories
16. luis ruiz - between the lines - traut muzik
17. svreca - övergång - warm up
18. viktor martinez - relay truncate - polegroup recordings
19. dario zenker - cookin bookin - ilian tape
20. david meister - distress - pareto park
21. henning baer - neodym - sonic groove
22. developer - provoker - modularz
23. sleeparchive - a man dies in the street 5 - tresor
24. benjamin damage - eti rework - 50 weapons
25. petter b - belgian green - bond
26. charlton - know yourself - krill music
27. gaja - patterns b2 - repitch

Friday, December 13, 2013

Smoke Machine Podcast 093 Etapp Kyle

Smoke Machine Podcast 093 Etapp Kyle
Etapp Kyle [ Klockworks / Prologue ] Ukraine

Sprint from a position of stay-at-home audiophile to a status of hero at decks, attracting attention of nightclubbers, took only a few months for Etapp Kyle. Enlisting friends’ support and interest from Russia’s legendary techno club ARMA17, the artist made his first appearance in Moscow a couple of years ago. Now it’s clear that he did it right – subsequent visits to Moscow gave no reasons for doubts about his competence, but also showed how rapidly the young resident of Western Ukraine was developing.
Today Etapp Kyle is on threshold of a new period of creative activity in a company of notable players of global techno scene. Results of his studio work receive serious interest from truly remarkable labels. Thus, in 2013 one of his tracks appears at minMAX compilation by Richie Hawtin's M_nus, and right away his debut 4 track vinyl gets released by the famous Ben Klock's Klockworks. His music receives strong support from the most important players of the scene, channeled through soundsystems of techno festivals worldwide.
Performing in front of a dancefloor the most sophisticated combinations, he invites to check the depths of a piercing cold canyon, then fleetingly carrying to a textural and almost tangible landscape of a forest at night, with its inherent softness and smooth motion of warm air. Love to dynamic, dark sound finds its expression in mixing with soft melodies, and powerful groove in his music competes with transparent, disembodied imprints of illusory atmosphere.ny people out there dedicating themselves to this kind of music.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

[SF TDX LP1] Terrence Dixon - Badge of Honor (2x12")

Surface records presents the brand new album from Detroit legend Terrence Dixon

Terrence Dixon - Badge of Honor
Label: Surface - SF TDX LP1
Released: 16 Dec 2013


A1 Operation Acoustic
A2 Out Of Time
A3 Incoming
A4 Lock Out Chamber
B1 High Current
B2 Deploy
B3  The Mission
C1 Ships In Fog
C2 Ocean To Sea
C3 Space Probe
C4 Light Years
D1 The Atlantic
D2 Radio Room
D3 View From A Lighthouse
D4 The Connection

Preview & Pre-order: clone   juno

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Etapp Kyle @ Dommune, Tokyo (08.10.2013)

Etapp Kyle @ Dommune, Tokyo (08.10.2013)

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