Wednesday, August 26, 2009

(MFH 001) Noun - Hot Start EP

Noun - Hot Start EP
Label: Music For Headphones
Catalog#: MFH001
Format: 4 x File, MP3
Country: Russia
Released: 22 Aug 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, Abstract, Techno, Experimental
Credits: Composed By - Andrey Malshchukoff
Notes: First release on MFH net-label.

MFH begins to float in the world of net-audio to their first release «Noun – Hot start EP»!

Opens this debut release (and for the artist and for MFH too) incendiary track, entitled «Chaos beat». It’s really quite a «hot start»!
Piercing synthesizer riffs, a strong beats, all this shows is the best way all chaotic.

The second track called «Just feel it» The name speaks for itself.
The explosion, at the same time, energetic track. Intoduction of this track reminds us the sounds of trains, on the other hand – it is the voice passed through an uncountable number of effects! Bass Line sends us in the 90-th years, recalling the old techno-tracks. In the second half of this song we get in the abyss dungeons sounds. And landing was not very easy!
In general, why should I paint it all?
Listen and Just feel it!

The track «Retrospective» of Noun looks more relaxed on the other in this release. But it is not.
Heavy waves of sampling tools, clicks, noise, vinyl records, ringing in ears, bells – all this is very interesting to combine and merge together in this track. The bass line at some point become familiar, not-so-right? Interesting failures breathtaking, the constant repetition of electrically melodies, samples … All of this was. Once upon a time. Noun reminded us of this… A very unusual track in two parts.

1 Chaos Beat (6:15)
2 Just Feel It (5:10)
3 Retrospective (Part I) (3:54)
4 Retrospective (Part II) (5:39)

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