Friday, October 21, 2011

NewTechnoId Podcast 003 by St@ikos

NewTechnoId Podcast 003 by St@ikos
Artwork by Gaskotein


Kostas Staikos was born in 1984 in Athens.
From 1997 started to hear and follow the dance events in Greece.
His music genres include:Deep House,Dub & Techno
2011 was the start for his journey in selecting and mixing music.
Appearances in Elektrik Dreams Music Radio Weekend Guest Mixes

1.Adverb-Dub Protocol
2.Marko Furstenberg- Stackebrot
3.Life Recorder - Late Night
4.Nikita Zabelin - Brand New Me
5.Bvdub - Forever's End
6.Fingers in the noise - Kool Reaktion(Brickman Global Phase Remix)
7.Jeff Bennett - Tendrilz
8.Ozka - Phantomz
9.Matthias Springer - Konzeptbefreit
10.Architectural - Architectural 04.2

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