Sunday, September 20, 2009




It takes a lot of digging before one can finally break through the thick crust of shoddy sounds, before reaching a quintessence of true quality. Ten years into the digital age, this is the case in underground electronic music maybe more than in any other kind of music.

I am sorry to let you know that following that scheme, logically, the best producers and DJs on this planet aren’t the ones you think or know! However rejoice! Because evidently that’s what keeps it exciting for everyone. It’s a pleasure to introduce you today to one of Argentina’s finest and best kept secret, one to put on top of your list: LUCAS MARI!

The Rosario based artist is no newcomer. He became resident of ‘El Sotano’ – Argentina’s best underground club – in 2002. Along with his friends and resident-mates, Jorge Savoretti, Nico Purman, and Franco Cinelli but also with his dear production partner, Andres Zacco, Lucas Mari has greatly contributed to the construction of a very singular sound, characteristic of Rosario.

We mentionned to Lucas the idea of doing his own AirPod episode. One morning a few weeks later, as we were getting ready to drive up to the mountains the man himself surprised us, sending over this subtle beauty of a mix.

Oscillating between the dub side of techno that is so dear to him, to more housy and classic forms of sound, Lucas gives us a compact preview of his delicate tastes in music. You will be able to enjoy some perfect picks and unheard production by the fantastic producer STL – aka Stephan Laubner, Argentina’s special agent Lexdinamo, or Soulphiction’s brilliant remix of Thomas Brinkmann’s “Isch”.

Be sure to pay a lot of attention to the ending of this mix! Don’t think it ends 5 minutes early… Surprise! And honestly, we have never heard such a stunning and peaceful finale… Lucas Mari plays with the elements… and our feelings…

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