Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[nnnl.upd.003] Mopen Flot - Music For A Non-Existing French Animation

Mopen Flot - Music For A Non-Existing French Animation
Label: nonstopnonsense.netlab
Catalog#: [nnnl.upd.003]
Format: File, MP3
Country: Hungary
Released: 12 Sep 2009
Genre: Classical
Style: Contemporary

Two years has elapsed since the original release of this little masterwork. Since then, Mopen Flot had not come out with a new release, but we already know that a similar work is on its way! Till then, and by way of introduction for those who are not familiar with Mopen Flot, and to just refresh memories for those who are already know this project, we would like to make available this mini album in excelent quality, what it deserves. Previously released only in 160kbps, now updated to 320kbps, with a brand new artwork. The music represents the classical/symphonic genre, which is extremely rare in the netlabel scene. So do not miss this exclusive release! Please enjoy, close your eyes, and watch the animation!

  1. nightfall
  2. the oak
  3. the thief
  4. the chase
  5. snowflakes
  6. the creature
  7. frost flowers
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