Saturday, September 5, 2009

Si Begg - 24Bit Error Collection.

Si Begg - 24Bit Error Collection
Catalog: none
Format: 4 x File, WAV
Released: August 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Breaks, Electro, Experimental

Welcome to the 24Bit Error Collection project: A collaboration between musician Si Begg and designer Chris Angelkov

This is a multi faceted art project reworking the relationships between musician, designer and user base.
Open source and public domain, all music is available free at 24-bit, 44.1khz wav quality. Additionally all source data as track layers is also available as 24-bit wavs for all those wishing to rework this E.P. You can download, host, share and play this music as you please, providing you do not attempt to license it or any additional versions that arise from the source data supplied. And of course please don't attempt to sell it or turn a pretty penny from it now.

We have also constructed a very limited-edition (50) hand-crafted box set containing laser etched discs, screen printed posters, super stealth usb music storage + more. This can be purchased via the 24bit site below.

So... If you would like to find out more, become involved in the remix project, drop us a line or get your hands on one of the über rare boxes please visit:

1. Free
2. I Thunk Therefore I Am
3. Entry Level Portable Synthesizer
4. I Do Not DReaM

SIBEGG Free by sibegg
SIBEGG I Thunk Therefore I Am by sibegg
SIBEGG Entry Level Portable Synthesizer by sibegg
SIBEGG I Do Not DReaM by sibegg

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