Friday, October 30, 2009

mnml ssgs mx40: dasha rush

mx40 has been a long time coming. when we first began working on this series early last year, one of the first people we decided to try was dasha rush. i'd first heard about dasha in a RA interview with dozzy, and since then had been keen to discover more. so i emailed her about doing a mix, but never got a reply. earlier this year, it was really bugging me. i felt like dasha had to be in the mnml ssgs series. her sounds really belong here. so i decided to email her again. this time she replied. she had never got my first email (the spam filter was obviously working well). lucky i tried again, as she agreed, and has come up with something special that perfectly encapsulate what we are trying to do.

the other reason i am really excited about these mixes is that i strongly feel dasha rush is one of the most criminally under-rated people in techno. over the last couple of years she been releasing some serious techno through fullpanda records, and i'd strongly suggest checking her productions if you don't know her work. dasha has the key qualities we look for when chasing people for ssg mixes: a powerful, distinctive and unique voice, someone looking forward. and all these characteristics are strongly reflected in the 2 mixes she has kindly done for us.

mnml ssgs mx40 dasha rush - intense vertical by mnml ssgs

mnml ssgs mx40 dasha rush - sleepless horizontal by mnml ssgs
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