Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sawtooth - The Liberal Conspiracy

Sawtooth - The Liberal Conspiracy
Label: ROFLtracks
Cat: none
Format: MP3 192 kbps
Released:  20 Oct 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, Experimental, IDM

Since 2001 Lee Martin, otherwise known as Sawtooth, has been independently writing quirky, eccentric, and compelling electronic music, whether experimental, or dance-focused. Sawtooth currently operates out of North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, focusing his efforts between writing new material, working through college, and sound-tracking independent films.

1. Sawtooth - We Need An Expert
2. Sawtooth - Tempo Tempo Tempo!
3. Sawtooth - Fish In A Barrel
4. Sawtooth - The Basic Facts
5. Sawtooth - Water Vapor
6. Sawtooth - Takeitoff
7. Sawtooth - Sexophone
8. Sawtooth - Dysprosium
9. Sawtooth - Business As Usual
10. Sawtooth - No Need For Apologies

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Released: 20th October 2009 Free LP - Some Rights Reserved Creative Commons License
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