Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Abby Lee Tee - From The Hill Sphere

Abby Lee Tee - From The Hill Sphere
Label: hillbilly rec.
Catealog#: none
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Wonky, Hip Hop
track 05 features kalifornia kurt on some synths, mixed & mastered by dokta gc, artwork by regim

from freemusicarchive:
Austria, Vienna in particular, got Dorian Concept and The Clonious when it comes to forward-thinking beat music. Both these guys have a unique style rooted in Jazz, Soul and Funk but filtered and distorted by their love for electronic (dance-) music. While the scene strongly focuses on the US Bay Area and the UK, originating from Austria makes you an outsider still. But being overlooked is not necessarily a problem. Abby Lee Tee a.k.a. DJ Abillity calls Linz home, and what we hear from down there is 100% next level shit.
His debut beat tape “From the Hill Sphere” is a nasty bastard from Post-Dilla Hip Hop, Dubstep and brittle Electronica. The nine tracks tape popped up early in August 2009 and did not leave my player since then. “From the Hill Sphere” is online for free via Hillbilly Soul, the blog Abillity is author to as well. Furthermore, he is intensively involved in the Upper Austria Rap underground as (backup) DJ, concert promoter and musician.
Abby Lee Tee treats both textures and beats with great care. All of his tracks have a trademark atmosphere that mainly stems from the sparse and well-defined production. His textures crackle and wriggle, the highly processed beats have punch. By use of tiny melodies (“In the Grotto wit Cat”), Lee Tee creates recognition value without getting candy – his understanding of Hip Hop is obviously rooted in Dub rather than Pop music (“Floating Airstrip”).
Abby Lee Tee avoids blurring the music with reverb too much. Actually, his productions let peak a sense of minimalism that reveals an influence of Berlin Techno and No Wave (“Machine Handling”), making “From the Hill Sphere” so fresh and dope. Keeping it real on this account is something only rare producers know to do, among these fLako and KenLo Craqnuques. However, the EP is best when Abillity flavours his tracks with naughty Dubstep. “Surface Patrol” and “Tap Tap” (with buddy Kalifornia Kurt) are instant classics capable to unsettle any dance floor. Watch this kid!

01 circulating till infinity
02 in the grotto wit cat
03 mulatu on the moon
04 surface patrol
05 tap tap (time..s up)
06 machine handling
07 floating airstrip
08 hillbilly exile
09 air carrier

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