Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brendon Moeller MUTEKLIVE028 Live in Montreal

Brendon Moeller MUTEKLIVE028
Date: 13 Oct 2009

Coming back again Saturday's PIKNIC 1 at MUTEK_10, we come to New York-based Brendon Moeller's stellar and very memorable mix. Another highlight for the team this year, Moeller artfully blended influences such as dub, techno, jazz, and, of course, baaaass in a set that really got the crowd moving.
Brendon was kind enough to provide us with a few words about his set at MUTEK, complete with a tracklisting for those that want to dig deeper:
"I put together this live show to coincide with the release of my album 'jazz junk safari' on third ear records. However, there is also a fair representation of me as a whole. There's the trademark dub and groove the is evident in all I do. :)
The set also includes reworkings of all the originals as well as some surprise mash ups. Enjoy!"  
- Brendon Moeller

  1. echologist - hustle (rekids)
  2. brendon moeller - humpback (echocord)
  3. brendon moeller - changes (third ear)
  4. brendon moeller - jazz (third ear)
  5. brendon moeller - space (third ear)
  6. brendon moeller - traffic (third ear)
  7. beat pharmacy - time (deep space media)
  8. beat pharmacy - hope & frustration vs race track jockey (deep space media)
  9. beat pharmacy - king's highway (deep space highway)
  10. brendon moeller - sweetspot (echocord)
  11. beat pharmacy - dub rocker (deep space media)
  12. floppy sounds - city 4 sale (beat pharmacy dub) (wave music)
  13. brendon moeller - the urge (connaisseur recordings)
  14. brendon moeller - electricity (leena music)
  15. brendon moeller - sweet decay vs nuclear race (leena music)
  16. beat pharmacy - assassination of the mind dub (deep space media)
  17. brendon moeller - dynamo (apnea records)
  18. brendon moeller - lost & found (eskimo records)

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