Friday, December 25, 2009

Mark E // Mercmix#1 prt 1 and Mark E - MercMix#1 pt 2 for Xmas!

Mark E@MySpace 

// Mercmix#1 pt 1

I'll hand you over to Mark to describe the mix....."Starting off with Sunbear, an album ive been after for ages but only recently picked up, then heading into some slow burnin territory with tracks i never quite manage to play out but always want to, it just works that way sometimes. Then picking up the tempo with some Brontasaurus, Nu Groove, Tweakin, Sex Tags & Guidance. Enjoyed doing this, loads of vinyl and CD’s strewn everywhere on a Monday afternoon."

Mark E // Mercmix#1 // by warmhq

// Mercmix#1 pt2
Brand new Mark E mix for you to download just in time for Xmas!

Mark E - MercMix#1 pt 2 by warmhq
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