Monday, January 25, 2010

Dark Arx

(DKX 001) Binary Sequence - Below Ice Rough Cut

DKX001 by Dark Arx Recordings

Dark Arx Podcast #2 - Binary Sequence

Binary Sequence taking us on a journey through outsider electronica with tracks from across the spectrum spliced and layered together. Binary Sequence's "66/31" is released on Dark Arx on January 18th.

Onoff - Distant Personal
Binary Sequence - 66//31
Flying Lotus - Dance Floor Stalker
Autechre - Garbagemx36
Lukid - Chord
Telefon Tel Aviv - When It Happens It Moves All By Itself
Aphex Twin - On
Pole - Heim (Fourtet Remix)
Burial - U.K.
Brackles & Shortstuff - Broken Harp
Binary Sequence - Arc
Scuba - Tense
Photek - UFO (J Majik Remix)
Binary Sequence - Below The Ice

Dark Arx Podcast #2 - Binary Sequence by Dark Arx Recordings


Dark Arx Podcast #1 - mixed by Dark Arx

A mix of leading edge electronica to accompany the release of Binary Sequence's Below The Ice EP on Dark Arx Recordings. Release date: November 2009.

Ocean Of Emptiness - Deepchord (Modern Love)
66/31 - Binary Sequence (Dark Arx dubplate)
Junction (Shed Remix) - Peverelist (Tectonic)
Below The ice - Binary Sequence (Dark Arx dubplate)
Fall - Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
K&G Beat - Floating Points (Planet Mu)
Hard Boiled (SCB Edit) - Scuba (Hot Flush)
Argent & Sable - Dark Arx (Dark Arx dubplate)
50 Mile View - Mount Kimbie (Hot Flush)
Arc - Binary Sequence (Dark Arx dubplate)
Brother: The Point (2562 Remix) - Pattie Blingh and The Akebulan 5 (Ramp)
In System Travel - Jamie Vex (Planet Mu)
The Beast (Autechre remix) - Palm Skin Productions (Mo' Wax)
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Dark Arx Podcast #1 - mixed by Dark Arx by Dark Arx Recordings


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