Wednesday, January 13, 2010

(D!HR-12) Vicnet - Mr. Hadopi

Vicnet - Mr. Hadopi
Label: Da ! Heard It Records
Catalog#: D!HR-12
Format: CDr, Free MP3, Ogg
Country: France
Released: 10 Jan 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Acid
Credits Artwork By - Shoboshobo

You can't judge a book by its cover. While Vicnet seems to mock future victims of the new Hadopi 2.0 law by welcoming with glee the Sarkozy government's initiative with his second album Mr. Hadopi, this album is more of a cry against an ubiquitous hypocrisy and a vibrant ode to free culture. Penniless and starving from long months of finicky work in the cold on this free album, he limited his desires-and eating habits- to the bare minimum, and changed his methods to create a purer music, less digital and warmer: a technoid and monstrously funky pump, lively and hyperactive. While you could consider it a maturity album, to Vicnet, it is more of a rejuvenation: he describes his productions for the label Da! Heard It Records as an "old man's music for young people".
Created, among other things, with his Roland SH-101 found in a Monaco trashcan, his TB-303 and various synthesized voices, Vicnet gives us a viscerally electro album, with mixed influences and memories evoking Egyptian Lover under MDMA. Regurgitated traces of sounds gathered from malls, gas stations and streets, taken in, digested and reconstructed by Vincent's lo-fi vision make the Mr Hadopi listening experience like admiring a Sagrada Familia rearranged and rebuilt life size with lego blocks.
Mr. Hadopi by Vicnet is illustrated by his acolyte Shoboshobo, with whom he created the "Hassid house" trio Moishemoishemoishele.

The downloading of this file is free and requires no engagement, but is under your full responsibility. At your own risk, you may make as many copies of Mr Hadopi as you wish, and share it with your hacker friends.

1 Swiss Underwater
2 Sms
3 Handicapped Lover
4 Mr. Hadopi
5 Aphte 707
6 Chinese Sportswear
7 Up And Down
8 Acid Liver
9 Paper Eyeballs Part XXIII
10 Paper Eyeballs Part XXIV
11 Feelgood - Jamie Lidell - Vicnet Mix
12 Egyptian Night

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