Thursday, April 15, 2010

[bandcamp] St. LaRok - Leap Year EP

St. LaRok - Leap Year EP
Released: 05 January 2010
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Stule: Hip Hop, Downtempo
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Miami Beat Wave Productions
Lyrics written by St. LaRok except "Old Memories", written by Davincci & St. LaRok
Cover art by The Soulseed
This EP marks a step into the forefront; a milestone from fear of scrutiny or failure. Produced entirely alongside my crew, Miami Beat Wave, it symbolizes a journey beginning with a leap of faith, and resulting in a compilation of work that embodies a year's worth of collaborative effort, struggle, and sacrifice.

These songs are heart and soul, mixed in with a little ingenuity and a lot of creative influence. On behalf of myself and MBW, we present the Leap Year EP.

1. TIME/Leap 01:52
2. Helen Highwater 03:48
3. Knight 03:25
4. 94 03:11
5. Dynasty 01:40
6. Y 02:21
7. ex Machina 02:18
8. Old Memories w/Davincci 03:04
9. Archetype 02:32
10. Ground Liftin' Up 03:46

<a href="">TIME/Leap by St. LaRok</a>

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