Thursday, April 15, 2010

Typecast 27 : The Alps - Summer Trips

Typecast 27 : The Alps - Summer Trips
Type Records

A fabulously sun-bleached collection of tracks from persistent sonic travelers The Alps, in celebration of their latest full-length 'Le Voyage'.

It’s not long now until The Alps grace us with their fourth album ‘Le Voyage’ – and what better way to usher it in than with a blissful mix of influences and cornerstones. Blended to perfection this is a perfect hour of tunes for that creeping summer sun – it’s almost here now, give it some help why don’t you?
“All three of us are voracious record buyers so this mix could easily have gone in a number of different directions depending on our moods. As it stands, I feel like we’ve hit a good number of the touchstones that connect our tastes and predilections when we get together to make records – 70s psychedelic music from Germany and Japan, Fluxus-era experimentation, Classical Indian music re–interpreted, Spiritual Jazz, pastoral British folk rock, and soundtrack music.
Without discussing it, we did our best not to rely on tracks (of any given genre) that have been overly cited – even amongst ourselves. Not with an obscurist’s mind but in the hope of putting things together in a way that feels fresh and not just rehash."

Agitation Free – First Communication (Vertigo)
Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies – Kalyani (Columbia)
Kimio Mizutani – Sabbath Day’s Sable (Polydor KK)
Irmin Schmidt & The Inner Space – Indisches Panorama (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)
Faust – Meer (ReR Megacorp)
Yoko Ono – Don’t Count The Waves (Apple)
Tony Conrad – Four Violins (Table of the Elements)
George Harrison – Dream Scene (Apple)
Heldon – Ballade Pour Puig Antich (Urus)
Far East Family Band – The God of Wind (Nippon Columbia)
Ashra – Laughter Loving (Spalax)
Ashra – Sunrain (Virgin)
Angus Maclise – Shortwave India (Siltbreeze)
Yasuhiro Minamizawa – Sitar (Studio Nirvana)
Flower Travelin Band – After The Concert (Atlantic)
Les Rallizes Denudes – Field of Artificial (10th Avenue Freeze Out)
Jean Cohen–Solal – Ab Hoc Et Ab Hac (Connection)
World’s Experience Orchestra – The Prayer (Private Press)
Broadcast – Milling Around The (Warp)
Virginia Astley – With My Eyes Open I’m Dreaming (Rough Trade)
The Pink Floyd – Unknown Song (aka Rain In The Country) (MGM)

Music selected by Jefre CANTU–LEDESMA, Alexis GEORGOPOULOS & Scott HEWICKER
Mixed by Alexis GEORGOPOULOS

The Alps - Summer Trips by _type
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