Thursday, April 22, 2010

Typecast 28: Academy of Thrift - Arxicon Mixtape

Typecast 28: Academy of Thrift - Arxicon Mixtape
Type Records

The second Typecast from Swayzak man James Taylor, this time delving into his personal collection to unearth a half-hour workout of sublime haunted ambience!

Recorded live in improvised record in two parts and support, which is normally distributed. All plastic, a change slot, with a quiet joy. This is the music of the kind of person and role physical. It / Rhythm Groove cutting piano wire, until it is free to the creation, known as the click of a grinding running bullying secret song seems to reflect the topic of hot water contract. Taylor Dabutekuno Swayzak music people always. But this effect is not fully known in the sound of the original tone.
Records of purchase behavior of children, "I’m late 2008, the seeds have been cut out long buy music cheap as I am not looking cheap. Always good music. Discogs, such as plastic, which is at the classic. Do you think it is? He began a period of research contracts and put this audio. Bumper, very slowly in the second mixer to change the mix of mini-sampling, pedals and instruments are playing cheap. Creating good circulation of non-violence against women and the driver – Use a liquid voice envelopes.
The draft of the morning and music, I said, "I am my work began to improvise to create an idea based on this now, and I have experienced better years, and positive emotional During session the evening of the disk of the mini-one, some The memory of the past, it is fun to listen to and process the faces in the party DJ is paid, and indeed the region of southern Spain after 12 hours under headphone volume Drift soundtrack tour bus at night – in bed listening ideally, a physical – well, somewhere , are you ever feel.
Besides the topic of fear, once the change – because of forgetting the liquid.

Academy of Thrift - Arxicon Mixtape by _type

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