Friday, May 14, 2010

Diesler – Deepest Cuba

Diesler – Deepest Cuba

I wanted to tell you about the amazing new album from long time friend of Jus Like Music (and talented UK producer) Diesler. The album is called Tie Breakers and will be coming out as a joint release from Dutch label Social Beats and German label Unique Records on 4th June.
Well known for his work in the past on labels like Tru Thoughts and Freestyle Records, serving up dancefloor killers of the nujazz and latin breaks variety, I’ve honestly never been so hyped about a Diesler release as I am about Tie Breakers. Speaking purely as a music fan, Diesler has managed to incorporate genre-blurring techniques within these ten tracks. Comparitively, imagine the infectious instrumentation of recent Quantic material and the dancefloor stylings of Mr Scruff. Ultimately the album is extremely tight and combines fantastic layers of brass, keys and electronic elements with solid beats. Fantastically constructed tracks that would be just at home on your headphones as they would in a club.
Tie Breakers features vocal contributions from Laura Vane (The Streets, MJ Cole, Laura Vane & The Vipertones), Double Yellow, Stee Downes (Sonar Kollectiv), Linda Bloemhard (Kraak & Smaak, The Jazzinvaders) and Stockholm’s Carloline Ekstrom.

01. Samba Magic
02. Phanter Sneer
03. Deepest Cuba
04. Southside Morning
05. Zebra Boogie
06. Pickpocket
07. Buzzin
08. Back To My Old Tricks
09. Chillin
10. Change Trust

Diesler’s 7-inch single, Reggae Magic, was released in March 2010 to a very warm reception and future single, Samba Magic, is due out later in the year which will include a heavy duty remix by one of London’s hottest producers of 2010; Warrior One.
As a FREE taster from the album, in conjunction with Diesler, Social Beats and Unique, we are giving away the track Deepest Cuba!
mp3: Diesler – Deepest Cuba

Diesler - "Tie Breakers" LP (2010) by diesler
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