Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[Dubbhism 023] Baldhead Voodoo Plan - Chihuahua Kiss

Baldhead Voodoo Plan - Chihuahua Kiss
Label: Dubbhism
CAT#: Dubbhism023
Released: : 29 May 2010
Format: MP3/128kbps (for MP3/320kbps see hi res file info)
Genre: : Electronic
Stlye: Dub, Dubstep

@Dubbhism proudly presents the album Chihuahua Kiss by Baldhead Voodoo Plan. The title track sets the mood: it's like a dubstep theme for a Tim Burton movie. From there on you know that things will get worse. The main ingredients include jungle fever, manic voodoo rituals and brutal dubscapes. And of course you can't trust anybody, nothing is quite what it seems etc. etc... you've heard it before. So just play it cool like the Black Spider and you might survive. 

1. Chihuahua Kiss
2. Sanity
3. Swallow Radio
4. Heart of Darkness
5. Beauty of Nature
6. 4 Jah Love
7. Colonel Gaddafi
8. Black Spider
9. 1000 Plateaus
10. The X File

Baldhead Voodoo Plan - Chihuahua Kiss (Dubbhism release) by DUBBHISM

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