Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mild Maynyrd - Broadcast AM

Mild Maynyrd - Broadcast AM
Released: 06 July 2010

With his second EP, Mild Maynyrd expanded his sound by adding more live instrumentation than ever before. The samples were still there -- Zeppelin, Fugazi -- while the melodies and arrangements were whipped from scratch. The beats are scattered and layered, pot shots at the box music as a business often puts us in. Are you tired of the box? Join him, won't you?

1. Product 03:46
2. Quota Tank 03:43
3. Broadcast AM 00:56
4. Demesne 03:04
5. Yance-men 02:26
6. Lantano 02:56
7. Receptor Veil 03:25

<a href="">Product by Mild Maynyrd</a>

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