Thursday, February 17, 2011

[CFM 021] Textural Being - Proximity + TBMX

Textural Being - Proximity + TBMX
Label: Cold Fiction Music
Catalog#: CFM021;CFM0021.5
Format: 6 x File, MP3
Country: US
Released: 11 Feb 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub Techno

Eight months after the split EP with DeepWarmth, Textural Being makes a return trip to Cold Fiction Music with an EP of all new tracks. The tone here is similar to the tracks from the split, but more careful attention to detail and composition was spent on the tracks in this EP, resulting in something denser and darker that listeners can really get lost in. A small, four track bonus EP is included with the release, containing tracks by AXS, Zzzzra, Anton Mayer and Blamstrain, re-envisioned by Textural Being. The original version of Zzzzra’s track stop by Entropy Records can be heard here:

1 Tau Ceti 4:18
2 Alpha Centauri [A] 6:01
3 Alpha Centauri [B] 5:46
4 Proximity 7:00
5 Gauss 6:12
6 Nine Letters 6:59

Bonus EP
1 A. Mayer - Sonic Society [TBMX] 8:39
Remix - Textural Being
2 Blamstrain - Winter-Spring [TBMX] 6:23
Remix - Textural Being
3 Axs - Locked Frame [TBMX] 10:54
Remix - Textural Being
4 Zzzzra - Ultime Menace Philosophique [TBMX] 8:54
Remix - Textural Being

Textural Being - Proximity by Cold Fiction Music Label

Gauss by Textural Being

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