Thursday, March 24, 2011

USQ Mix I 015 I Uelt

USQ Mix I 015 I Uelt
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Uelt felt the call of music at a young age and when he was teenager studying the nature of sound and was interested by the creation of the music in all its aspects. His first contact with electronic scene was at end of year 96 where that then the music sounded in vinyl and cassette tapes.
In 99 i began to become interested in artists such as Christian Morgenstern, Oscar Mulero, Pascal F.E.O.S among others, this provided a different perspective and a greater interest in the scene techno that time which would gradually so dragging to make mixes.
Two years later moved his residence to Ibiza, is there where due to the perfect environment and contact with plenty of dj´s led him to start with the experimentation of the creation of electronic music, this meant back to barcelona study of sound before returning to Ibiza and alongside a fellow start project “Cleverdown” here would be Minimal Techno cold and occasionally Experimental at the time.
In 2007 I travelled to Berlin where I started to shape his productions more influenced by abstract and hard techno, this sounded in premises such as Tresor and Berghain, would be a great reference for their future projects.
The next step was to return to Barcelona and next to the collective “Bootloader” create “Komplexe Music” a platform where is definitively performers close to through the realization of events shows that abstract techno that marked you.
Currently collaborates in several productions and events with artists from the platform, he experimented with infinitely processed sounds, atmospheres and big bass lines. At the same time it maintains high performance dedication to the growth of the platform.

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