Sunday, May 22, 2011

Esther Duijn - NWS Cast #012

Esther Duijn - NWS Cast #012
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This time Esther Duijn from the Netherlands brings you a cool mix. Many things can be said about Esther: She's talented both as a DJ and as a producer, she's beautiful and she's a vinyl enthusiast - a collector who is passionate about the analouge media. Esther Duijn first cought our attention when the D.A.D. (a collaboration between Esther, Steady Douglas and Anonym) EP from the label Exquisite Music came out in 2009. Her ability to bring soul and groove into her production and mixes is outstanding and turns everything she touches into a deep story that will keep you intrigued by it. 

She recently signed with our friends from Geography Records and just released the debut EP on the label Feel Harmonic with Steady Douglas and with a remix from Anton Zap himself.

Read interview with Esther

Esther Duijn - NWS Cast #012 by NWS Cast

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