Monday, September 19, 2011

RA.277 Cosmin TRG

RA.277   Cosmin TRG

It's actually kind of sad that Cosmin TRG's exploration of genres has been a talking point—can't an artist, you know, do more than one thing?—but such is life. The Romanian producer was a dubstep/garage dude when he started out back in 2007, hopped over to house for a bit and is now residing in techno country. One by-product of this restlessness is the name Cosmin TRG (or TRG as he was initially known) has adorned many a leading label these past four years—Hessle Audio, [NakedLunch], Tempa, Immerse Records, Hotflush, Hemlock and Rush Hour being merely a selection of them. The latest to put a welcoming arm around him was Modeselektor's Fifty Weapons. Separat / Izolat, released at the beginning of 2011, signalled Cosmin's intention to get truly stuck into the tough stuff, while it seemed the dream had been fully realised when it was announced in June that a full-length offering was in the works for Fifty Weapons.

Try as it might Simulat wasn't quite able to shake off Cosmin's roaming past—which is exactly what made it so great; RA.277 suffers the same affliction with exactly the same outcome. This is techno but not quite as you know. 

00:02:30 - Cosmin TRG - Want You To Be - 50W
00:10:00 - Redshape - Dust - Styrax Leaves
00:12:10 - Taho - Energy Fields (Shed Remix) - Styrax Leaves
00:25:40 - Gerry Read - Legs - Fourth Wave
00:29:00 - Szare - Nell Lane - Krillmusic
00:31:37 - Cosmin TRG - Amor Y Otros - 50W
00:39:18 - Newworldaquarium - NY - Planet E / NWAQ / Delsin
00:42:40 - Omar-S - Boot Hill - FXHE
00:49:00 - WAX - 10001 - WAX
00:51:00 - Cosmin TRG - Form Over Function - 50W

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