Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Giorgio Gigli - CLR Podcast 152

Giorgio Gigli - CLR Podcast 152

Giorgio Gigli
Westilltry Tumblr

It is Monday the 23rd of January 2012 and we welcome a new guest for the first time on the CLR Podcast. Giorgio Gigli from Italy is a dedicated dj and producer with an impressive discography of original productions and remixes. Apart from his work as a solo artist he is also part of the project ”Endless”, together with Perc, which can be found on Speedy J´s renowned Electric Deluxe label.
His very personal blend of Techno is inspired by a lifetime of collecting and exploring electronic dance music and can be described as atmospherically deep and thoughtful, elegant and hypnotic. The present exclusive set is a good example of his sophisticated and versatile style. If you want to find out more about Giorgio Gigli and the label “Zooloft”, which he runs together with his partner Obtane

  1. Andrea Belluzzi - 21 [Groover Platz]
  2. Denizo - Not Dao [Shaded]
  3. S100 - Krowork [Krowork]
  4. George Paar - Molecula [George Paar - Par Wax]
  5. Terence Fixmer - The Arrival (IORI's Reshape) [Planete Rouge]
  6. Function - Descending [Sandwell District]
  7. Lory D - Abruct Interruption [Elektronik Outboarding Cast]
  8. Rrose - Waterfall [Sandwell District]
  9. Handahofi-Tioni Musik - Handahofi 001 [Handahofi-Tioni Musik]
  10. Giorgio Gigli & 0btane - Theory Of Radical Structures [Zooloft] 

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