Sunday, April 8, 2012

TEA Podcast #21 - Mike Parker

TEA Podcast #21 - Mike Parker

Self proclaimed noise maker, artist, university lecturer and first and foremost electronic music producer, Mike Parker, has cultivated one of the most distinguishable sounds in techno to date.

Parker combines his quiet obsession with analogue experimentation, fascination of ring modulators and love of the atonal and dissonant, to create a signature and patented sound often recognisable from the first bar. Take one listen to Parker's original 1999 Drainhum - recently re-released on his own Geophone imprint - and it is clear Parker's definitive vision of techno has been rigorously cultivated since day one.

Rumour has it the late Arthur Russell spent one day fine tuning a kick drum, while his co-musicians waited to begin recording. Similar practice is not uncommon in Parker's "base of operations" - his apartment in Buffalo, New York, where he can obsess over a pattern for more than 24 hours.
Parker currently teaches Fine Art at a university level, where only his curious students find out who "Mike Parker" really is. Via Skype, I hooked up with Parker at his Buffalo HQ, where he spoke of a trip to the aquarium with Cio D'Or, why rave should remain in the '90s, his love for Prologue, dislike of the word drone and the need to start a tea collection.

  1. Svreca - Obscur (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
  2. Louis & Bebe Barron - Love At The Swimming Hole
  3. Sev Dah - Saint Of The Cave (Donor/Truss Remix)
  4. Cio D'Or - Wasserkraft
  5. Realmz - Worlds Within
  6. Jack Dangers - Meteor Ride
  7. Mike Parker - GPH17A2
  8. Abstract Division - Floating Point
  9. AnD - BSR02
  10. Raffaele Attanasio - non002b1
  11. Tadeo - Signal 0101
  12. Deepbass - Orion
  13. Voices From The Lake - Drop 4
  14. Jeff Mills - Something in the Sky 002A2
  15. Shifted - Structure
  16. Silent Servant - El Mar
  17. Planetary Assault Systems - Cold Bolster
  18. Mike Parker - GPH15B1
  19. Emika - Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann Vocal Edit)
  20. Marcel Dettmann - Unrest (Norman Nodge Remix)
  21. Function - Descending
  22. Mike Parker -Voiceprint (Voice Three)
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