Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DADUB - Resident Advisor Podcast 356

DADUB - Resident Advisor Podcast 356

"Techno" has been an extremely open-ended concept for Stroboscopic Artefacts, the Berlin-based imprint responsible for some of the genre's most wide-ranging excursions of late. Dadub, the duo who masters each of the label's releases and have contributed a handful of their own since 2011, truly embody the label's commitment to doing things differently. So while Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti have released on a handful of experimental internet labels over the years, Dadub have found their calling among the shifting rhythms and ambient excursions of Stroboscopic Artefacts. Pounding and hard-edged, Dadub's recently released debut LP, You Are Eternity, is unquestionably a techno record. But as its beats and textures tangle in the darkness, you're left wondering if the word really nails what they've about.
There's certainly some four-to-the-floor on RA.356, but it's not all Dadub have up their sleeves. Not surprisingly, a blacker-than-black thread runs through the 40-plus tracks the duo have spliced, mashed and molded into an hour-and-a-half statement of purpose.

Muslimgauze Vs Bass Communion - Two - Soleilmoon
Dino Sabatini - Prophecy - Prologue
Mb+Ics - Severe Provata - Farmacia 901
Muslimgauze - Find Yugoslav Butcher Of Muslims - Staalplaat
Dadub - Birth - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Dadub - Temptation Of Maya - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Muslimgauze - Shishla Nain Royal Bidjar - Universal Egg
Celer - Peak Pressure - And/Oar
Dadub - Transfer (Feat. King Cannibal) - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Grün - Danza Linfatica II - Dromoscope
LB Dub Corp Choctaw Dub - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Sardinia Bass Legalize - Spring Is Coming (Rmx By Peak) - A Quiet Bump
Shed - I Come By Night - 50weapon
Splatter - Believe In Nothing (Original Mix) - Kaputt
Peder - Abiding Path (Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann Remix) - Bsm
Dadub - Life (Rrose Remix) - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Andrea Belluzzi - A01 (Original Mix) - Groover Platz
Alex Bau - Red Chromosome (Flashback Mix) - Clr
Pattern Repeat - A1 Original Mix - Pattern Repeat
Sendai - Without The Written Word Part 2 - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Retina.It - Attrazione Magnetica - Glacial Movements
Dadub - Truth - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Pvs - Fuckin' Society (Dadub Remix) - Homevvork
Dadub - Vibration - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Dadub - Life - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Dubit, Scalameriya - Instinct (Dadub Remix) - Several Reasons Recordings
Dadub - Unlawful Assembly (Al Bielek Takeover) - Killekill
Shed - Rq 170 - 50weapons
Rapoon - Saffron Fires - The Kirghiz Light
Rapoon - The Temple Shakes - The Kirghiz Light
Function - Variance 4 (Regis Edit) - Sandwell District
Cristian Glitch & Grieche - Hell Inside (Original Mix) - Kaputt
Retina.It - -32¡F Porcelain, Metal & Ice - Glacial Movements
Maesia - Sleeping Without Silence - Ideal Recordings
Dadub - Endless - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Robert Henke - Fragment Endlos
Minos Ticazi - Brainwave Zither Impro - Unreleased
Yoshihiro Kawasaki - Sukinkutsu Water Chime (VVAA - Ocean Of Sound)
Anton Irisarri - Waking Expectations (Daydreaming)
Bersarin Quartett - St. Petersburg
James Ruskin - Cast Down - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Peak - One Minute For The Stars - Sem Label
Retina - Crevasse - Glacial Movements
Ben Frost - O God Protect Me - Bedroom Community
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