Sunday, April 28, 2013

Juno Plus Podcast 59: Orphx

Juno Plus Podcast 59: Orphx

Orphx are now a permanent fixture of Sonic Groove’s industrial-heavy roster; in addition to the four records they’ve already released for the label, the duo will be releasing the Boundary Conditions 12″  next week. Since their first appearance on the label in 2009 Orphx have focused on melding elements of dancefloor sound design together with a challenging tonality, and have subsequently plunged themselves further into a sphere of techno they helped to influence by remixing acts such as Svreca, Giorgio Gigli & Obtane and Adam X’s Traversable Wormhole project.

Richard and Christine’s mix for Juno Plus feels like an extension of their own sound, with an hour’s worth of cold, dark, tunnelling techno from artists whose music has been an inspiration on their forthcoming release. We spoke with Oddie over email about their upcoming European tour, cassette tape labels and how to approach remixes.

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1. White Noise – The Visitation
2. SBTRKT – Wildfire (Objekt mix)
3. Dadub – Life
4. T++ – Audio1995#8
5. 0 – Kolmas
6. Isolée - Simone Rides
7. Liasons Dangereuses – Peut etre… pas
8. Sleeparchive – ACD-Voice
9. OVR – Rapid Eye
10. Robert Hood – And Then We Planned Our Escape
11. Quadrant – 1.1
12. Dasha Rush – Dark Light Blind
13. Orphx – Vanishing Point
14. Inigo Kennedy – Chamber
15. Cassegrain – Tiamat
16. Samuel Kerridge – Waiting for Love III
17. Casual Violence – Acceptance of the Fact at Hand
18. Traversable Wormhole – Worldline (Orphx mix)
19. Loktibrada – Untitled (Ian Richardson mix)
20. Morgenstern – Railing
21. Orphx – Outcast
22. Trade – Positive Neckline
23. Function – Voiceprint (reprise)
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