Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[REPITCH 1002] Various - 10Inch02 Preview

[REPITCH 1002] Various - 10Inch02
1. Ascion and Shapedoise - Basic impact (Original Mix)
2. D. Carbone - MetemPsychosis (Original Mix)

The second release of the 10inch Repitch series features on the A side for the first time a collaboration between Repitch bosses Ascion and Shapednoise after his recent debut album on Prurient's Hospital Productions, while on the B side we have a track from the other Repitch boss D. Carbone.
"Basic Impact" it's the perfect combination of the gritty Shapednoise dynamics and the trip-inducing sound of Ascion. They build up a perfect, firing industrial dancefloor machine with a surprising end.
On the flip, "MetemPsychosis" is a powerful, ultradark techno burner with acidic synthlines, pumping rhythms and a strong broken beat. The track gets more and more intense toward the end with a rolling distorted tom.

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