Thursday, October 10, 2013

RYC Podcast 040 | Skirt

RYC Podcast 040 | Skirt…81254198?fref=ts

DJ Skirt was born in Houston Texas and has been residing in Birmingham UK for the last decade. She bought her turntables in 1998 and has been mixing vinyl ever since, having played records in many techno clubs all over the UK and internationally in places like Berlin, Athens, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Dublin, Amsterdam in recent years.

DJ Skirt started producing her own music in 2001 and has released records on Horizontal Ground, Frozen Border, Semantica and remixes on labels such as Semantica, Perc Trax and Sect. Her production style is somewhat different to her DJ approach. Her own productions and remixes often show a much more experimental side of the artist, however when she is behind the decks it is purely the intention to devastate the dancefloor with dark and powerful techno beats to make the body move.
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