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SNTWN Podcast 054 - Chevel - 12/2013

SNTWN Podcast 054 - Chevel - 12/2013

Italian techno scene moves without cheating in the European electronic landscape. We include, without limitation, Donato Dozzy, The Analogue Cops, Emanuele Pertoldi or Hydergine.
Stroboscopic Artefacts on notice, author of the first installment of the series must Monad, Chevel are laying the foundation of a cavernous and completely hypnotic sound that also grow on the Spanish label "No Series". Founder of the label Enklav, it is also the source of "Monday Night" project oriented strangely deep house. Require meticulous, we feel that the Italian puts his brain in the service of productions with a unique atmosphere. So sharp sound aesthetic that boggle the common music lovers on uncharted planets.
Judge for yourself in this podcast. Forbidden pleasures, jerky rhythms, dark universe and crackles in the program!

Tracklist :

Joe – Slope (Hessle Audio)
Basic Soul Unit – Untoward (Nonplus)
Healing Force Project – Average Perigee (Eerie)
Chevel – Entanglement (Non Series)
Chevel & Alex Picone – Dad (unreleased)
Pearson Sound – Power Drumsss (Hessle Audio)
Objekt – Shuttered (Bleep Green Series)
Boddika – Heat (Swamp 81)
Objekt – Fishbone (Objekt)
Actress – Lost (Honest Jon’s)
Jeremiah R – Infinite Skies (Enklav)
Autechre – Altibzz (Warp)
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