Saturday, March 26, 2011

[SWS 45] Robot For Brains - The Hard Way

Robot For Brains @robotforbrains - The Hard Way
Label: Swishcotheque
Catalog#: SWS45
Format: File, MP3, EP
Country: UK
Released: Mar 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Acid, IDM, Electro
All tracks written, recorded, mixed & mastered by Gareth Cox from 07' to 09' using both hardware and software...Additional Mastering by Sven at 'Borglab'

Hello !!!

This E.P. is simply a selection of my tracks I've had good reaction to...
Thanks to 'Fox Newton' for the slick art work...
Thanks to 'Point Source' & 'Thornton Force' for the hot remixes
Thanks to my unknowing neighbours for which the noise continues
Thanks to whoever left the bass amp in the's been handy
Thanks to all of you who support me... you know who you are
...Finally, thanks to all @ 'Swishco' for putting out my music ! big respect !!!
Cheers !Hope you enjoy


1. robot for brains - Repeater
2. robot for brains - This Is Life
3. robot for brains - Vv
4. robot for brains - Rfb Acid
5. robot for brains - Repeater (Point Source Remix)
6. robot for brains - Repeater (Thornton Force Remix)
7. robot for brains - robot for brains LIVE (Nightcrawlers Acid Mix)

sws045--robot for brains EP--out now by SWISHCOtheque.

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