Tuesday, August 25, 2009

(NM 002) Rudolf – Join The Army With Me EP

Rudolf – Join The Army With Me EP
Label: Nervmusic
Cat: NM002
Format: Vinyl & Digital
release date: coming soon
distributed by dbh

Tracklisting and samples:
A1. Chapter 5
B1. Join the army with me
B2. Join the army with me (Daze Maxim remix)
Digital. Blocking cells

RUDOLF's new Nervmusic release is a bass-bin destroyer that has enough strange psychedelic details hidden in the grooves to keep things lively. Recorded in London ‘Join the army with me EP’ delivers a special selection of long playing minimal jacking dance floor hymns with style that makes us happy in techno today. This is bass-heavy nasty sht, at times almost bordering on a tribal vibe, while retaining a fucked up surrealist dance music vibe. Experimental grooves and patterns will portal our consciousness in to the world of psychedelic and spontaneous vibes. Not surprising that Daze Maxim should be involved in a project this dirty-funky yet sonically wild... Daze turns in a remix of the adventurous b-side "Join the Army With Me" that irons out some of the stumbles, brings his bouncy basslines, and injects some Jack into the Box.

A1. Chapter 5
Experimental spasm of bass and percussion simply make you to want more of this mentally penetrating weapon. Yeah, play it again!

B1. Join The Army With Me
Elaborate swinging patterns with live shuffling feel and glitched out sounds. Secret voices somewhere out in the darkness slowly but surely urge us to rise on to hammering action dance floor.

B2. Join the Army With Me (Daze Maxim remix)
This rhythmically dynamitic and melodic remix from Daze Maxim will definitely convince you to join army of intelligently wiggling house groves. Timeless!

Digital Blocking Cells
Well-written scenario of mad passion for techno abyss, can someone turn of the lights?


Bill Patrick (Robots):
I like the track "Join the army with me". Super druggy, nice for freaking people out at afterhours. Also into the Daze Maxim remix better for some outdoor action in the sun making girls dance.

Cabanne (Minibar):
Nervmusic is back! Very good record from senor Rudolf, I will play join the army for sure, original and remix.

Cesare vs Disorder (Resopal):
This is the perfect record. Full support!

The remix is the one for me... precious really cool one... charted!

Franco Cinelli (Esperanza):
Super solid record!! I love the Daze Remix, super cool! Play it this release is really good

Funzion (LoMidHigh):
My favorite is the Daze Maxim remix, loving the joyful melody in it!

Gurtz (LoMidHigh):
I like a1 and the remix, the remix is my favorite already on my playlist.

Jeremy P Caulfield (Dumb-Unit):
Yeah Rudolf is one of my Favorites! This is crazy, spacey lazy, dirty beats...

Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza):
Very nice ep... I specially like the b-side!

Marc Schneider (Was Not Was):
I really like Daze's mix. OLD SCHOOL! Chapter 5 is nice as well

Seph (Dumb-Unit):
Nice ep! Chapter 5 is sick!

Mathias Kaden (Vakant):
I really like the new nervmusic... especially the Daze Maxim remix!

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