Thursday, May 2, 2013

[M_Rec Ltd 17] Samuli Kemppi - Parallax Of One Second EP

Samuli Kemppi - Parallax Of One Second EP
Label:  M_REC LTD - M_Rec Ltd 17
Release date: Monday 03 June 2013 (Vinyl)

Samuli Kemppi may have begun in warm house climes as the duo Sam & Gigi, but he has since found his niche and fame sound tracking the deep and icy black recesses of space. 2009’s Komisch debut, ‘Deep Space Helsinki EP’, birthed the galactic signature that would come to define his solo techno output for labels like Prologue, Mote-Evolver and Perc Trax, meanwhile cementing his stylistic meanderings to a single, albeit flexible, narrative. ‘Parallax Of One Second EP’ is Samuli Kemppi’s third outing on M_Rec Ltd, after the full ‘Cyclic Model EP’ and remix inclusion on Ben Gibson’s ‘More Than Milk’, and sees the Fin plundering the astronomic theme once again with stellar sci-fi precision.

On the A-side: “Extragalactic” opens with swirling technoid vistas, on a wonky robo-dance floor in a future imaged long ago. Warbling chimes and tweeting astro-creatures continue to plague “Astrometric Precision”, bleating at one another on our serene shuttle through the cosmos. The B-side then takes a decided plunge with tougher piston sounds and grittier textures on “More Than Parsec” as our journey becomes more wild-eyed, concluding in the keyed radio-distress signals and itchy hats of “Less Than Planck”. I guess we’re never getting home wherever that may be, but this new universe isn’t so bad after all.


A1: Extragalactic
A2: Astrometric precision
B1: More than parsec
B2: Less than planck
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