Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prologue Announcement: Mike Parker with a new album this summer called "Lustrations", preview

Prologue  Announcement: 

The Essentials of Techno! It's been twelve years since the first and last Mike Parker album called “Dispatches”. 12 years later, Prologue is very excited to host the second album from Mike and this time it’s all about techno performed as a kind of ritual. Let us open the secrets of Mike Parker's "Lustrations". The title has multiple meanings and stands also for clarity. Clarity is in general the attitude of Mike's tracks. He has the massive aptitude to bring techno back to the essentials. Mike’s music has clarity in sound structures, bass lines, drums and arrangements. Everything is lead by puristic sound engineering and exactly this kind of unique and authentic Techno can be discovered on “Lustrations”. 12 hypnotic driven tracks designed to be timeless, produced to be played in techno temples in order to set the audience in hypnotism and to clear the mind.

Mike Parker - Lustrations (3x12")
Label: Prologue
Cat.-No.: PRGLP004
Vinyl: 03.06.2013
Digital: 01.07.2013

1 - Lustration One (Khonsu)
2 - Lustration Two (Nor'easter)
3 - Lustration Tree (Atlantic)
4 - Lustration Four (DaiKaiju)
5 - Lustration Five (息)
6 - Lustration Six (Megalith)
7 - Lustration Seven (Forms)
8 - Lustration Eight (Contours)
9 - Lustration Nine (Drums)
10 - Lustration Ten (Pressure Zone)
11 - Lustration Eleven (Sarychev)
12 - Lustration Twelve (Dericho)
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