Thursday, September 10, 2009

(D!HR-11) Puyo Puyo - Disco

Puyo Puyo - Disco
Label: Da ! Heard It Records
Catalog#: D!HR-11
Format: File, MP3
Country: France
Released: 07 Sep 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: New Wave, Electro

Disco is the sixth production from the charismatic Puyo Puyo. This latest release puts forward a rather large selection of electronic pop references, giving prominent parts to voice and groovy melodies. This album is a delicious witches brew of German new-wave, Psychopolka, Turbopop and that little Puyesque je-ne-sais-quoi, iodiosyncratic dissonant melodies, glitch and kitsch licks.

Sharp uptempo beats adventurously push the thirteen tracks into the punctuated fiefdom of the punchy manifesto (P is for Puyo, Eddie the Head), as well as into the incantatory refrains of 80's keyboards (Up and away, Amour), while passing through acid-disco (Grave Groove), industrial-cinematic (Robot robot, Six kings six pigs) and even dark-wave (I fall, completely berserkte, Spleen)

Each composition creates a sonic universe with a singular narrative, appealing like a love song earworm and often with wake-up-the-dead energy. Please download - for free! - all thirteen tracks of Puyo puyo goes disco at And no matter what.... Play it loud!

1 Initials PP (2:07)
2 Eddie The Head (2:37)
3 Frankeinstein Meets The Mummy (3:05)
4 The Village (2:49)
5 Up And Away (2:20)
6 Robo Robo (2:53)
7 Amour (2:22)
8 Lazy (2:40)
9 Grave Groove (3:19)
10 Youpeeya (2:28)
11 Mechanical Man (2:35)
12 Six Kings, Six Pigs (2:12)
13 I Fall (2:05)

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Licences : Creatives Commons 2.0
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