Saturday, September 19, 2009

(EBCTP 001) Swede:art x A-rec x Fuer.steps - ABC Alphabeat

Swede:art x A-rec x Fuer.steps - ABC Alphabeat
Lable: Error Broadcast
Catalog: EBCTP001
Format: MP3 256 kbps
Released: Sep 2009
Genre: Electronic, Hio Hop
Style: Hip Hop, Dubstep, Wonky Rap

All music by Swede:art x A-rec x Fuer.steps
Beat 05 features vocals by D-Fine
Beat 12 features vocals by 215 The Freshest Kidz
Artwork by Sven Swift

For the producer, a beat tape functions like a black book for the graffiti writer: he develops his skills, he adventures himself to unknown artistic territory. The beat juggler compiles ideas, drafts and loops in a beat tape. Do not expect full-grown songs. The beauty of a beat tape lies in the incomplete.

The first installation in a series of beat tapes here at Error Broadcast is "ABC Alphabeat", a compilation of raw and unpolished scribblings from Boom Bap to Wonky Rap, Dubstep and textural electronic music.

Behind "ABC Alphabeat" is three young German Rap cats, namely Swede:art, A-rec and Fuer.steps. While you might have heard of sir Swede:art for his Monday Jazz mix or his feature on Mishoo the Drumkit's recent EP and A-rec who popped up in a Lucky Me mix, fella Fuer.steps is pretty virgin to the scene.

01 - Swede:art - Wonkycarz
02 - A-rec - Haha
03 - Fuer.steps - Der Kleine Pilz
04 - Swede:art - The Mohawke
05 - A-rec - Obituary Of A Sell Out MC feat. D-Fine
06 - Swede:art - Stalactite Cave
07 - A-rec - S'wet
08 - Fuer.steps - Japan Domino
09 - Swede:art - Don't Leave Me Alone
10 - Fuer.steps - nOw
11 - A-rec - Wildwonderfulmusic
12 - 215 The Freshest Kidz - Vnecks (Swede:art x A-rec Remix)
13 - Fuer.steps - Lunar Dust
14 - A-rec - Dream Interlude
15 - A-rec - Girls And Boys
16 - Swede:art - Coffee Anthem
17 - A-rec - Afterhour

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Error Broadcast Collective 2009 / Some Rights Reserved
This tape appears under a CC+ licence
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