Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LWE Podcast 28: Paul Brtschitsch

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LWE Podcast 28: Paul Brtschitsch

Don’t let the consonant-laden name trip you up, Paul Brtschitch (like “bridge-itch”) has too much to offer. The Berlin-based producer has been on the scene since 1996, both as a collaborator (André Galluzzi was his most frequent production partner) and solo, crafting knotty, floor-tested techno for Frisbee, Music Man Records, Ongaku, Leena Music and Ostgut Ton (in fact, his “Twirl/Under” was the label’s second ever single). These days, though, he’s concentrating on his own label, Rootknox, having just release his fifth album, Me, Myself and Live and its attendant singles. As you’ll read below, the focus of Mr. Brtschitch’s album is how his music works when being performed live without the aid of computers. In kind, our 28th exclusive podcast highlights a propulsive live performance from one of techno’s more underrated artists.



01. Paul Brtschitsch, “Intro”
02. Paul Brtschitsch, “Shadows” [*]
03. Paul Brtschitsch, “Morgan Organ” [*]
04. Paul Brtschitsch, “Rotel” [*]
05. Paul Brtschitsch, “Diamant Flute” [Rootknox]
06. Paul Brtschitsch, “Morane” [Rootknox]
07. Paul Brtschitsch, “Blue Shadow” [*]
08. Paul Brtschitsch, “Touse” [Rootknox]
09. Paul Brtschitsch, “Bell Fever” [*]
10. Paul Brtschitsch, “Doriana” [Rootknox]
11. Paul Brtschitsch, “Wizards and Rabbits” [Rootknox]
* denotes unreleased track

Download: LWE Podcast 28: Paul Brtschitsch (60:27)

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