Saturday, September 5, 2009

(SR-010) Dan Bull - Safe

Dan Bull - Safe
Label: Subspine Records
Catalog: SR-010
Fomat: MP3
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop
Style: Hip Hop, Britpop

Spurned by society and cast adrift in a psychotropic fog, autistic music obsessive Dan Bull retreats into his own mind and re-emerges several years later, dazzled and dazed, clutching a shiny compact disc. Dan Bull's Safe is an open and honest narrative covering topics such as summer sunshine, friendship, love and loss, alienation, politics, death, religion and insanity. Mixing Hip-hop with elements of Electronica and Britpop, Dan Bull has been under the spotlights of magazines such as Is This Music? Magazine, Hip-Hop Connection, Strictly independent and Change The Record.

1 Prelude
2 Summer
3 My Catharsis
4 Cut
5 Blocked
6 Misfit
7 Thistopia
8 After Life
9 St. Ebbs
10 Outbound
11 Safe
12 Winter

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This work is released under the Creative Commons License
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