Wednesday, November 4, 2009

(WaW 028) Helico Bacter - Rouge & Noir

Helico Bacter - Rouge & Noir
Label: Weird and Wired
Catalog#: WaW028
Format: File, MP3 256 kbps
Country: Germany
Released: Nov 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Breakcore

Special Agent Helico Bacter has done it yet again. In making an encaptureing, enraptureing, seriously-in-awe-putting
masterpiece of a fully rounded break-beat-beauty.  First he'll wrap  you in gently swinging beats, just to open a trap-door, which leads  to exciting, nervous tension.  Tip-toeing then with incessant speed  over the remainders of 100 Million sound-bits tangled into one.  You should try to  carress with your imaginative fingertips the distinctive veil the piano strings around those sounds. Those would  be exuberant, if they weren't constructed with almost  pure perfection,  timing and – yes – care. And it's this, that makes music truly sexy  and a great thing to have around. You might want to put your arm around  it's waist, your head on it's shoulder and wander the nightly streets
of your hometown with this album. No gloves needed.

01.helico Bacter - Paper Boat
02.helico Bacter - My Love
03.helico Bacter - Draft
04.helico Bacter - Ennuiectomie
05.helico Bacter - Iced Cream
06.helico Bacter - Oh Here Is My Pineapple
07.helico Bacter - Time Shifting Pants
08.helico Bacter - Gentle Crimes Broken Theme
09.helico Bacter - Walter Larry And The South Wall
10.helico Bacter - In Transit
11.helico Bacter - Short Scene
12.helico Bacter - Dead And Smiling

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