Sunday, January 24, 2010

(chill 35-10) Horiso - Tri-lions

Horiso - Tri-lions
Label: chill-label
Catalog#: chill35-10
Format: File, MP3
Country: Poland
Released: 07 Jan 2010
Genre: Electronic, Jazz
Style: Downtempo, Trip Hop, Ambient, Chill, Experimental

Tri-lions is a summary of two years of being fascinated by simple electronic and improvised music. It is a totally loose collection of soundscapes commenting on reality. Most parts played on the album are accidental - resulting from a moment, and their interpretation is absolutely free. Each piece has slightly different tone but they all combine moderate tempo with live trumpet and improvisation.

1. Lions
2. Just try to write
3. circa s
4. SatiBa
5. Vesicle flies to space
6. Somewhere i go
7. Mechanics
8. crawl
9. allnoisesout
10. Four
11. industrial manouche
12. Through Desert Sun
13. a run home

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