Saturday, January 30, 2010

(HPD 001) Le Jockey - A Fish Called Rhonda EP

Le Jockey - A Fish Called Rhonda EP
Label: Horse Play Records
Cat#: HPD 001
Format: 4 x File, MP3 320 kbps

Released: 27 Jan 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal, Tech House

This is what the EP sounds like:
Riding into town wearing the Emperor’s new clothes and a bobble hat, Le Jockey caused quite a scene. Panic and confusion spread rapidly amongst many of the more narrow minded people in town and pretty soon they had all bolted home, locked their doors, and turned on some S Club Juniors to help ease them back to their happy place.
But for the curious and oblivious that remained, the next 25 minutes would be a time of wonder, joy, and curiosity, mixed in with just a slight hint of mischief…
Leaping off his horse and landing squarely on his side, Signor Jockey rolled around in the mud for a few seconds. Springing to his feet and straightening up his ruffled Emperor’s clothes, he took a long hard look at the people around him. Suddenly he reached down into the muddy ground, grabbed at something, and, struggling to contain the thing, slowly pulled an object from the ground.
The crowd edged in closer, holding their breath and straining to see what lay concealed in his hand. Whatever it was, it was wriggling around furiously and franticly, emitting a bright light which was leaking out between the cracks in his fingers. Slowly opening his hand, the light flooded out and engulfed the crowd. Simultaneously, they let out a muted gasp. Sat square in the middle, and now lying perfectly still, was a tiny little fish no bigger than a 2p coin.
Clearing his throat, Jockey announced boldly to the crowd:
‘Behold the weird and wonderful Rhonda Fish. There is only ever one Rhonda Fish in the world at any one time. And I am the keeper of the Rhonda Fish. Now, listen and hear what the Rhonda Fish has to say.’
And at this point the fish opened its tiny mouth and said…
To find out what the Rhonda Fish says, look out for the next part of the story with the next release on Thursday 22nd Feb 2010.

1. Le Jockey - Hollow Man
2. Le Jockey - Hollow Man (Paul M Remix)
3. Le Jockey - Home Alone Dancing
4. Le Jockey and Lion Club - Midnight Coke Jam

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Creative Commons license: Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 England & Wales
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