Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Numbercult 2.1- 2.4

numbercult is a new imprint from Glasgow, providing deep techno for the discerning palate. numbercult is a celebration of vinyl culture; releases will be strictly limited with no repress. All contributors operate under the banner of numbercult; this is not a cult of personality, this is a cult of vinyl and techno only.

Digital downloads have no material value. Buy vinyl.

Vinyl has lasting culture. Vinyl is a medium for beautiful music, vinyl is a tactile experience, vinyl contains a warmer, richer reproduction of digital masters and each release possesses a unique graphical identity in the form of label, cover design, and run-off groove inscriptions. Vinyl is the reification of music and a celebration of sound made manifest.

numbercult 2​.​1

1. Reue 06:36
2. Mal 06:22
3. Code unknown 04:55

<a href="">Reue by numbercult</a>

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numbercult 2.​2

1. vue 05:25
2. point zero 07:26
3. machine without name 05:00

<a href="">vue by numbercult</a>

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numbercult 2.​3

1. intro 02:37
2. le path 05:49
3. how can you lose 07:10

<a href="">intro by numbercult</a>

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numbercult 2.4

1. tokyo fahrenheit 05:42
2. worlds collide 07:06
3. red light scene 03:04

<a href="">tokyo fahrenheit by numbercult</a>

FREE Download Here
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