Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tiago Miranda - Warm Abrigo Mix

Tiago Miranda - Warm Abrigo Mix

Tiago Miranda is one half of Mendes & Alçada (Claremont 56), Slight Delay (Rong/Eskimo), and along with DJ Kaos forms T&K, who released the 100% Warm-approved piano-driven belter 'Mucho Swash' on Italians Do It Better towards the end of last year. He resides off the south Portuguese coast and has maintained a weekly residency at Lisbon's club Lux for the last decade. He's done us a tasty new mix for you to download, and you can look forward to these releases in the coming months:

"Melody Nelson" (The Record Pool)
"Night Of The Bath" (Internasjonal)
"#1" (Groovement Records)
"Rider" w/ COS/MES Remix (Ene Tokyo)
SDC "I'm Good For You" Tiago Bad Influence Remix (Hands Of Time)

Here's the mix!

Tiago Miranda - Warm Abrigo Mix by warmhq

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