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B.Riddim aka Bellatur G-Ward, a Portuguese producer and MC born in the city of Guarda in 1987, is an artist who achieves, with his music, a seamless cross-over of old styles, with the new sounds of the present.

Having been exposed to analogue sounds since he was a kid, this influence has always been strong in his creations. Coming from an artistic family, and with classical roots, having studied Classical Piano and Music Theory at the Conservatory of his native town.

B. soon widens his musical vision, to embrace sampling and the creation of Hip Hop beats during his teen years; this all converges in an extended project called G-Ward - involving pure rap, of the dirty variety, with industrial sounds – which has been happening for more than six years.

He also develops, early in his life, a passion for music coming from Jamaica or Jamaican-inspired, especially old-school styles like Roots Reggae and Rocksteady, but also more recent Dub and electronic productions.

After some turbulence, the B.Riddim aircraft lands safely in Madrid, where he can give life and shape to the riddims he has been nurturing for years, within his creative mind, also because he attends a local college, where he studies Audio Engineering.

At this stage, a more personal sound appears and gains shape and consistency; Dub, Dubstep and IDM start to become his favorite channels of expression, giving him the chance to model his music more on what he really feels. However, he does not abandon Hip Hop, Reggae, or the sampling techniques that have always shaped his sound, but rather, he can combine them with the new beats that make him tick, so that his own musical ideas finally come to life and gain more and more strength, as time goes by.

There’s no other possible definition for B., other than one involving Riddim!!

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