Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Typecast 26 : Pausal - Pausal Mix

Pausal - Pausal Mix
Type Records

A gorgeous blend of ambience from recent Barge signees Pausal

Pausal are the latest act to be snapped up by our friends Barge Recordings, and their latest album ‘Lapses’ is a beaut. They were kind enough to slot this blend of tracks together for us and it’s perfect springtime fare – somehow making the rain that caused my roof to leak a little more bearable.

the fun years – powerball annie
markus guentner – express yourself
steinbruchel – these2
aero – after
quantec – absent-mindedness
rod modell – morning again
level – aler besc
chihei hatakeyama – cumulonimbus
rosy parlane – iris part 3
mice parade – guitars for plants
jasper leyland – fieldstone
heavenly music corporation – riding windhorse
stephan mathieu – auf der gasse
fenton – once upon a forest / forever awkward
philip jeck – wholesome
pausal – with seashell
corey fuller – november skies tokyo
andrew thomas – a dream of a spider
philip jeck – wipe
alva noto – haliod xerox copy 1
sebastien roux – farnsworth house
marsen jules – aurore
our sleepless forest – the tinderbox
jodi cave – absent
markus guentner – chrom
saito koji – guitar 4

Pausal - Pausal Mix by _type
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