Saturday, April 17, 2010

Technique 004 - John Tejada

Technique 004 - John Tejada

This week’s podcast sees us hop across the pond to the US of A and directly into the studio of John Tejada for a curveball from the dial-fiddler extraordinaire.

John has provided us with a classic techno mix, recorded (almost) exclusively from original pressings of some of his seminal favourites from the genre. Taking in the likes of WARP, Baby Ford and LFO the mix is a good piece of the techno puzzle and perhaps helps remind us ‘how we got to here’! Although famed for his house and techno output as a producer and of course with Palette Recordings, as a label owner, John’s also dabbled in drum ‘n’ bass, electronica, electro and hip hop, so perhaps we shouldn’t have been so surprised to hear him put together a mix which is a little off the beaten track.

With releases on almost any label you could name over the past ten years and DJ appearances, well, everywhere it’s nice to see that the passion still runs high with John as he told us that the reason for recording this particular mix was ‘that it was just a lot of fun’.

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