Sunday, April 18, 2010

[tube 205] The Strait of Anain - Sound/Rhythm/Melody Vol.1

The Strait of Anain - Sound/Rhythm/Melody Vol.1
Label: Test Tube
Catalog#: tube205
Format: 10 x File, MP3, EP, 320
Country: Portugal
Released: 17 Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Downtempo, Ambient, Glitch, Experimental
cover:: ©2009 Wesley Slover
©2010 aeriola::behaviour

«A little less than two years ago, a young audio engineer named Wesley Slover approached test tube with a sweet short album by the alias Speed Chess. Well, here's Wes again, this time showing of his new alias 'The Strait of Anain'.

'Sound/Rhythm/Melody Vol.1' rides along the round edges of the downbeat style he offered us two years ago with 'Speed Chess', minus the vocal experiences. Also, Wes' music sounds deeper and with more confidence, which I guess is normal given the experience gathered since then. The harmony is still there, unblemished, the soft spots, the nostalgia. But there's also something undoubtedly new about 'S/R/M Vol.1', Wes is getting a bit bolder perhaps, and is experimenting a bit out of his comfort zone. 'Wolverine Eyes', 'Wind Drone' and 'Tribal Music on Missionary Laptops' (funny title, by the way), for instance, are perfect examples, all different, all great, of what Wes is accomplishing now. Despite this, he still has that rare ability of being able to compose great songs, even if they are all instrument and no lyrics. Pair up this guy with a great voice and good lyrics and you'll have a recipe for success, no doubt!
On second thought... hmm, scratch that, I don't want Wes' creativity spoiled by commercial music marketing. Anyway, there's a gold vein here.
Now the question is: why is that Vol.2 taking so long?!

To sum it up: this is an engaging short album with plenty of different stuff to discover, but chances are you'll end up loving everything and will hit repeat on your player several times in a row. I know I did.» - Pedro Leitão 

1 Gundams on Parade
2 Dumb Machine
3 One Man Brawl
4 Wolverine Eyes
5 Wind Drone
6 Robot Drummer
7 26 via Fremont
8 Tribal Music on Missionary Laptops
9 Transducerless
10 Grace

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