Friday, April 30, 2010

Typecast 29: Spykidelic - Svovelskyer over Nord-Europa

Typecast 29: Spykidelic - Svovelskyer over Nord-Europa

Another killer blend of genres from ex-pat Tony Wilson...

"Svovelskyer over Nord-Europa (Sulfur Clouds over Northern Europe) was put together as volcanic dust clouds from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano were descending over Northern Europe, grounding air fleet and leaving much of Iceland covered in black ash. Much of the mix does include music from Northern European but there’s no theme as such, just a bunch of stuff I like that seemed to work in sequence."

Wonder: What
David Lynch & Alan R. Splet: Lady in the Radiator Song
Wiley & Danny Weed: Thai Weed (Devil Mix)
Radiophonic Worskhop (Phil Young): The Artist Speaks
Sly & Lenky: Now Thing
Kraftwerk: Tanzmuzik
Abstract Elements: Abysmal Depths
Autechre: Laughing Quarter
Wiley: Ground Zero (Devil Mix)
Caustic Window: On the Romance Tip
Section 25: Looking From a Hilltop
Blancmange: On Our Way To?
Drexciya: Soul of the Sea
La Dusseldorf: Koksknodel
Locust: It Is Called Peace
Experimental Audio Research: California Nocturne
Salem: Frost

Spykidelic - Svovelskyer over Nord-Europa by _type
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