Friday, April 30, 2010

[tonAtom.108] Fescal - Twin

Fescal - Twin
Label: TonAtom
Catalog#: tonAtom.108
Format: 9 x File, MP3, 320 kbps, FLAC
Country: Germany
Released: 28 Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient
artwork design, music, production and mastering: fescal
cover: aljen

so, spring is upon us with chirping birds and new dawn that is here to greet us to the premiere of Twin - the first tonAtom release from South Korea. however, despite the modulating sunbeams, it might still be bitterly cold, especially at night.
with reference to his release, Fescal presents the first three tracks exhibiting shadowy sketches, defying customary song writing paradigms that leave the tracks as the acoustic equivalent to movie stills. the beautiful "asteroidea" is the first in a row of three full-length tracks, flattering our ears, followed by the crackling-lubricious "sunday morning" and culminating in the ‘granular hymn’ (if this term does not exist yet, it has to be coined now) "resorption".
the productions of Twin are relaxed, palatial and precise - requiring a focused ear, who is in turn rewarded with an immense set of different moods, colours, timbres and settings. there are almost no percussive elements, but you won’t miss them, because they are not needed even when you are actively looking for them. instead, visions of nobly woven atmospheric river emerge, that often de-liquifies every now and then into river of granular ice.
For those looking to fie Fescal’s artistry in a particular class or group, you might stick the general label: ambient to this EP which, would be similar to labeling a moonlight gourami with the label‚ animal.
(transl. by david)

19 - fescal - corduroy clouds - 01:21 mp3 flac
2/9 - fescal - cold light - 01:40 mp3 flac
3/9 - fescal - brown bread - 02:22 mp3 flac
4/9 - fescal - asteroidea - 05:04 mp3 flac
5/9 - fescal - pheasant coucal - 01:26 mp3 flac
6/9 - fescal - sunday morning - 08:29 mp3 flac
7/9 - fescal - resorption - 04:32 mp3 flac
8/9 - fescal - siberian tea - 01:45 mp3 flac
9/9 - fescal - throwing shapes - 06:36 mp3 flac

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© 2010: fescal
license: cc-nc-by-nd
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