Monday, May 3, 2010

Clubberia Podcast: CB 024 - Peter Van Hoesen

 CB 024 - Peter Van Hoesen

"Peter Van Hoesen young producers get more hits in succession are rare. Belgian Time to Express His work from the label is" buy you watched "It's much better to embed the stickers say. "(Resident Advisor) DJ and producer in Belgium Erekutoronikkumyujikkushin no stranger Hoesen Van Peter is a myriad of musical talent. Abusutorakutoerekutoronika range from techno and raise heat until the large dance floor. Purodaku of applications and their own label and the Time to Express Clone, Perc Trax & Curle (Donato Dozzy with) and remixes from the label drew large, their debut album called Entropic City reputation from many people The. Peter is a producer as well as the DJ and sound designer and contemporary dance and also work with theater conductor.
His techno sound bass heavy, yet innovative music and hanging in the warehouse at 6:00 in the morning, and knows the history of dance music DJ's sound is firmly incorporated. Labyrinth of Japan has provided to the audience in every legendary play.

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